4 Common Myths About Activity and Aging: Why Aging Shouldn’t Equate to a Sedentary Lifestyle


There are a variety of reasons why we tend to become more sedentary with age, whether they are due to worries about falling, pain issues, health problems, or perhaps you think that exercising just isn’t for you. However, staying active becomes increasingly important as you grow older. In fact, many research shows that regular exercise can prevent falls, avert “silent strokes” and even improve your cognitive abilities. This is why at Quest Home Care, a provider of non-medical home care in Shelton CT, we highly encourage our clients to stay active.

Still hesitant? Due to the increasing myths about activity and aging, many seniors are still hesitant to get involved in different activities. Here, we will be breaking 4 common myths:

  • Myth: I’m too old to start exercising.
    Fact: You are never too old to start exercising! If you are afraid to start exercising because it’s been awhile, or if you’ve never really exercised before, you can talk to your physician or physical therapist for some safe exercise tips. Or, you can start slow and engage in simple exercises such as walking. Start with exercises that you are comfortable with, and build from there.
  • Myth: Exercising increases my risks for falls and accidents.
    Fact: Regular exercise can help improve your balance, flexibility, stamina, and strength; therefore, reducing your risks of falling.
  • Myth: My disability prevents me from exercising.
    Fact: Are you wheelchair-bound? Don’t worry! There are still various exercises out there for you. You can do stretches, chair yoga, lift weights, and chair aerobics. These exercises can help improve muscle tone, promote cardiovascular health, and boost flexibility. Also, there are some swimming pools that offer access to wheelchair-bound patients. There are also adaptive activities for wheelchair sports like basketball.
  • Myth: I’m only going to get old anyway, so there’s no point in exercising.
    Fact: Some people think that there’s no point in exercising since they’ll just grow old and weak later in life anyway. However, staying active can actually help you stay independent longer. It can also help you look and feel younger, and it can lower your risk for a variety of conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular conditions.

Aging shouldn’t equate to a sedentary lifestyle. Stay active and fit!

These are just some friendly reminders from the best compassionate care in Shelton CT. Do you have others reminders in mind? Let us know!

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