4 Common Myths About Activity and Aging: Why Aging Shouldn’t Equate to a Sedentary Lifestyle

There are a variety of reasons why we tend to become more sedentary with age, whether they are due to worries about falling, pain issues, health problems, or perhaps you think that exercising just isn’t for you. However, staying active becomes increasingly important as you grow older. In fact, many research shows that regular exercise … Continue reading

3 Reasons Dieting Maintains Your Youth

There are a number of methods that can be tried in order to slow down the aging process but none of them are as effective as proper exercise and diet. These two things are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, especially your diet. The kind of food you eat can actually have a huge impact … Continue reading

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5 Essential Elements of Elderly Care

Caring for our elderly family members is far from easy. It is a task that requires knowledge of their health conditions and a certain level of expertise when it comes to handling such conditions. You owe it to your loved ones to not only rely on self-research and personal experience (although these things could also … Continue reading

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What are the Warning Signs of Dementia?

We often hear the word Dementia in the hospital, at home, on the street, and even in schools. Have we really understood what Dementia is? Is being forgetful a sign of Dementia? Actually, Dementia is a very broad spectrum. It is not just about forgetfulness or disorientation; it is a combination of several conditions. Dementia … Continue reading

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