What are the Warning Signs of Dementia?

What are the Warning Signs of Dementia?

We often hear the word Dementia in the hospital, at home, on the street, and even in schools. Have we really understood what Dementia is? Is being forgetful a sign of Dementia?

Actually, Dementia is a very broad spectrum. It is not just about forgetfulness or disorientation; it is a combination of several conditions. Dementia is defined as a chronic or persistent mental process disorder caused by injury or an illness affecting the brain. It manifests through memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning. That definition alone can conclude that being forgetful is not the only symptom related to dementia.

There are noticeable signs and symptoms of dementia that anyone can easily see. Alzheimer’s Disease is just one type of Dementia. Early signs include simple forgetfulness, frequently losing items, and difficulty performing activities of daily living which were doable in the past. Frequently, the earliest sign to show is the difficulty in learning new tasks or activities. That is the reason why we often see patients with Dementia as disorganized. These patients don’t know that they are already experiencing Dementia at an early stage.

As dementia evolves, behavioral changes will be noticeable, there will be the difficulty in performing simple tasks like getting dressed or putting on the right pair of shoes. They would no longer be able to go to the toilet or bathroom by themselves. Patients will start forgetting bits of their personal information, that includes their phone number, address, and even their date of birth. This is the stage where they show physical signs of dementia. Because they forget even when it’s time to eat, there will be noticeable weight loss too.

What is shown on TVs where patients no longer recognize family members is a late stage of dementia. They would no longer be able to communicate effectively, and taking care of their hygiene and health has to be attended by somebody else.

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